Droplet Ceiling/Wall Mini by Artemide

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Droplet Ceiling/Wall Mini by Artemide


"Droplet is a ceiling light that appears as a pool of liquid aluminum reflecting three light pebbles. It has been generated totally by digital means and freezes in time the act of ripples that cross each other to define reflective zones and acts as a form of liquid dichroic" - Ross Lovegrove

Droplet Mini utilizes one reflective pebble and has the added advantage of being able to be mounted on the wall as well as the ceiling. Reflective units (pebbles) and stem are made from die-cast aluminum with a polished chrome finish.

Disc features a glossy grey finish.

Mounts to standard electrical junction boxes. Able to be mounted to ceiling or to wall.

UL Listed.

1x200W R7S/T3 bulb is supplied.


Disc 23 5/8" round

Pebble hangs 13 3/8" from ceiling or wall.