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Keyboard and Mouse Support

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Qty: 1 19-inch Track /HDPE Adjustable Swivel Mouse Tray - Black

Keyboard and Mouse Support

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Your tech tools—at home, home office, work den, coworking club—deserve full support; they, as in keyboard and mouse, get it with this unit. It attaches to any surface and adjusts easily to your preferences.

Fits Herman Miler Everywhere tables.


A Matter of Degrees

Work tools that respond to your preferences are a delight, and our keyboard and mouse support is highly responsive to your whims. Its tracks slide in and out 10-3/8" and up and down 8-3/8". The keyboard tray tilts over a 15-degree range. There’s even an indicator that displays keyboard height and angle, so if someone moves it, you can easily move it back to where you want it. The mouse tray mounts on either side of the keyboard tray, good for right- and left-handers. And the whole thing swivels for easy storing under whatever table you choose to attach it to