Aarne Cordial 1.7 OZ 2 Pcs

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Aarne Cordial 1.7 OZ 2 Pcs


Design Goran Hongell, 1948
Made in Finland by Iittala

50s trendsetter. The glass designer and decorative artist Goran Hongell was one of the pioneers of the Finnish glass tradition. His blown glassware service, Aarne, set the trend for glass design during the 1950s, a trend which remains to this day.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Goran Hongell was a true talent in the tradition of Finnish glass. Back in the 1930s, Hongell presented a first version of what would become his most famous creation, the hand-blown glass series Aarne. In 1954, he won the gold medal at the Triennale in Milan with Aarne.

Cordial glass: 1.5oz. | 2.9" tall