1,2,3 Desk Organizer 8 Pack

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1,2,3 Desk Organizer 8 Pack

****Ships In 10 - 12 Weeks****


Design Jasper Morrison, 1998
Injection molded ABS
Made in Italy by Magis

Jasper Morrison’s one-piece desk organizer for Magis defines everyday elegance. As useful as it is beautiful, 1, 2, 3... offers three simple compartments formed of standard plastic to keep pens, pencils, and paper clips neatly in place in any workspace.

Simplicity and form, beauty and utility, are not often characteristics you find at a workspace, but Jasper Morrison's 1,2,3... desk organizer does just that. Made from standard injection-molded ABS, and available in a translucent finish, 1,2,3... makes a charming addition to any surface.

4.25" h | 8" w | 7.5" d