20-06 Round Table By Emeco

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20-06 Round Table By Emeco

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Design Foster + Partners, 2006
Thermal treated aluminum, laminate
Made in USA by Emeco
Foster and Partners wanted a simple all-aluminum chair that wouldn't detract from their world-class interiors. Oh, and it had to stack 10 high. And be made of recycled aluminum. And super strong. And fire proof. And light weight. And of course, comfortable. Not so simple.

The DNA of Emeco's first chair, 10-06, runs through 20-06, but this new chair belongs to the new century.
The 20-06 Round Table was designed with the 20-06 chairs and barstools in mind, but a design this clean can easily complement a wide range of seating choices.

20-06 Round Table base is brushed aluminum. Top can be brushed or laminate (white, black or gray) with a matte aluminum edge. Brushed aluminum tops are suitable for outdoor use.

Cafe height table (30") is available in three diameters (24", 30", 36").

Bar height table (42") is available in two diameters (24", 30").


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