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Ayno Floor Lamp

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Ayno Floor Lamp

***** USUALLY SHIPS IN 10 - 12 DAYS *****

Design by Stefan Diez
Black steel and fiberglass stem, steel base, black ABS plastic shade
Made in Germany by Midgard

Winner of the German Sustainability Award in Design 2021, the Ayno Collection features minimalistic construction enabling extremely low resource consumption during production. The first design of Midgard since the 1950s, Ayno is testing the boundaries between the origin and status quo of adjustable lighting.

The early 20th century inventor and designer Curt Fischer spent time researching ways in which he might be able to improve the light quality in his town's factories during the 19-teens. Upon visiting and speaking with the workers, it was discovered that the downward-casting overhead lighting created shadows on their work surfaces. And so the first articulating lamp was designed and patented. Used on the wall or desktop, this adjustable lamp even allows for an optional asymmetrical rotatable shade to block direct light from the user's eye.

Flexible tension table lamp providing direct illumination. This lamp can be repaired tool-free by the user, plug connections allow the lamp head or transformer to be replaced by hand, which significantly extends the lifespan of the lamp.

Dimensions: Base dia.13" first stem segment (steel): 59"L; second stem segment (fiberglass): 59"L; shade: 6.75"H x dia.7.25" | Fully extended upright: 125.5"H. Most taught arc position: 80.75"H x 46"L.