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B Around Rectangular Table

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B Around Rectangular Table


Design by Antoni Pallejà Office, 2019
Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint,Iroko wood
Made by RS Barcelona

Versatility is the word that best defines the B-Around table collection. Versatility in functionality: a standard office table, a conference table, a hot desk, a dining table at home, in a bar or in a restaurant.

Versatility in size: five lengths, two widths and two heights (also available with a square or round top). Versatility in appearance: thanks to its warm iroko wood or elegant marble, it’s comfortable in all sorts of settings, including outdoors.

Versatility in electrification: a wide variety of socket and cabling options are available to efficiently meet the needs of workplaces. And versatility in customisation: the structure has been designed in such a way that it can be easily modified and adapted in terms of dimensions, materials and finishes.

As you can see, the B-Around table has been designed to meet the demands of each project, of each space. It can be in your home, as a dining room table, a garden table or even a home desk. Or at the office, fostering mobility, a healthy work environment and interaction between colleagues. Or in a restaurant, arranged as one long unit for sharing, or as separate tables for two, four, six, eight diners…

You and the moments you decide to live around the B-Around table make each one different and unique.

With our You and Me benches and our Ombra stools you can create functional, versatile and lived-in settings, because all the items are imbued with our intense living philosophy.

•  Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint.
•  Top: Iroko wood or marble.

Product options: Ask for power socket options.

All sizes are available in two heights: 75 cm/29.5 in and 105 cm/41.3 in . All sizes available in two widths: 65 cm/25.6 in and 85 cm/33.5 in.

•  120cm:
        •  Low: 29.5" h x 47" w x 25.6" d (75x120x65cm)
        •  Tall: 41.3" h x 47" w x 33.5" d (105x120x85cm)
•  160cm:
        •  Low: 29.5" h x 63" w x 25.6" d (75x160x65cm)
        •  Tall: 41.3" h x 63" w x 33.5" d (105x160x85cm)
•  180cm:
        •  Low: 29.5" h x 70.9" w x 25.6" d (75x180x65cm)
        •  Tall: 41.3" h x 70.9" w x 33.5" d (105x180x85cm)
•  220cm:
        •  Low: 29.5" h x 86.6" w x 25.6" d (75x220x65cm)
        •  Tall: 41.3" h x 86.6" w x 33.5" d (105x220x85cm)
•  285 cm:
        •  Low: 29.5" h x 112.2" w x 25.6" d (75x285x65cm)
        •  Tall: 41.3" h x 112.2" w x 33.5" d (105x285x85cm)