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Bat Meeting Chair Swivel Base Front Upholstered

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Bat Meeting Chair Swivel Base Front Upholstered


Design by GamFratesi, 2018
Metal, PP-plastic,Upholstered
Made in Denmark by Gubi

The Bat Meeting Chair fulfils the natural balance between corporate necessity and formal elegance. While the base embodies clean design with great functionality, the fully moulded seat with armrest ensures high level of comfort. The features are paired and provide a sophisticated expression to any meeting room or home office.

The wide range of shell colours, upholstery options and diverse bases provides for a personalised expression that makes the Bat Meeting Chair fit perfectly into a variety of public and private contexts.
Due to its unique design, the textile of the front upholstered Bat Meeting Chair can be changed with time to give the chair a different expression and new life to the interior decoration.

The Bat Meeting Chair is designed by GamFratesi and carries strong references to the interesting characteristics of bats, with its inviting, distinctive shell reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wingspan.

Dimensions: W 24" | D 22.4" | H 32.6"

Upholster Option

Option A: Hot Madison Reboot, Indianskop, Mica, Natté, Tempt
Option B: Canvas, Eero Special FR, Flair Special FR, Gaja Classic, GUBI Basic (leather), Harp, Lorkey, Plain, Remix, Sunday (velvet)
Option C: Around Boucle, Belsuede FR, Hallingdal, Lupo Special, Diagonal Boucle, Steelcut Trio, Vidar
Option D: Aurin, Chevron, Karakorum, Libera, Safire, Sunniva
Option E: Svevo
Option F: Artemidor, Brescia, Chamois, Dunes
COM and COL are available on request