Caper Stacking Stool

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Caper Stacking Stool


The Caper Stacking Stool provides flexible, short-term seating for a variety of spaces. Available in a 24-inch or 30-inch seat height, the stools feature a one-piece footrest that wraps 270 degrees around the legs, allowing them to be stacked up to five-high when not in use.

Designer Jeff Weber’s human-centered design for Caper Stacking Stools is evident in the subtle details—from the seat angle, which is tilted slightly forward to support active sitting, to the footrest, which is accessible from any angle.

Portability, Comfort & Style

Caper Stacking Stools combine both utility and friendliness, which makes them approachable, flexible, and loyal. This populist appeal was central to designer Jeff Weber who intentionally kept the needs of the average person in clear view throughout the design process. As a result, Caper Stacking Stool is compact, lightweight, and can be stacked and stored easily when not in use.

  • Productive Mobility
Caper Stacking Stools are designed to be lightweight and with a handle to encourage swift and efficient movement around high work tables or counters. As a result, collaboration comes easy. A 270-degree footrest located around its legs offers additional support and allows for easy stacking up to five stools high.Bold Breathability
  • Bold Breathability
Caper’s molded seat is contoured and flexible and perforated with small holes to help dissipate body heat. Seats made with optional FLEXNET material also offer breathability within a strong, durable suspension material.
    • Color Story

    The color spectrum of Caper Stacking Stool is great. From sophisticated neutrals to vibrant primaries, each color elevates Caper’s clean lines and, ultimately, your space.


    Total Height: 33.75-40.75"

    Seat Height: 15.5-20"

    Width: 24.5"

    Depth: 26"

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