Celle Chair

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Celle Chair


Comfortable and Durable

Celle derives strength and provides support because of a unique, patented Cellular Suspension system. Made of tiny cells and connecting loops, the system adapts to the contours of your back, giving you a comfortable balance of flex and support. It's a balance that is built to last, too, evidenced by the over half million Celle chairs in use today. Affordable and comfortable, Celle is designed to work as hard as you do, whether that's in a home office, a coworking space, or a small business.

Conforms to You

Chances are you rarely sit still. Celle acknowledges this reality with a back design engineered to respond to your seated movements. In essence, as soon as you sit in a Celle chair, the cells of the chair's back create a "flex map," a contour of greater and lesser degrees of support based on your body shape.

Backing You Up

Celle's back has your back health in mind. Beyond its cellular support, Celle gives you sacral support at the base of your spine, or sacrum, with its PostureFit feature. Sacral support prevents slouching, which can compress your discs and prevent spinal fluid from flowing through. There's also an optional lumbar support for added adjustment. With Celle, you stay in a healthy position, keeping your blood and oxygen flowing and preventing back and neck pain.

Move in Harmony

Celle's unique Harmonic tilt lets you move—smoothly balanced—from sitting upright to fully reclined. By mimicking your body's natural pivot points (ankles, knees and hips), Celle keeps your body in proper seated alignment and your feet on the floor so you maintain a healthy posture.

Personal Fit

Tall, short, slim, or not so much (Celle's rated to handle up to 350 pounds), as long as your stature falls within 90 percent of the North American population, you'll find Celle fits. And once you sit, you have a full range of controls at your fingertips to adjust the fit. You can make the seat higher or lower, move the armrests, control the tension of the tilt tension—personalize the chair to fit you.

Brighten Your Space

The variety of looks available, straightforward design, and attractive price make the Celle the right chair for your home office, small business, or any place you choose to work. Six cellular colors—dark to light, neutral to nature-based—are available, along with three upholstery options. The choices are yours.


Each Celle chair is made of one-third recycled materials, and, when its useful life is over, it disassembles in five minutes and is 98 percent recyclable.