Claw Table Round

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Claw Table Round

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 10-12 WEEKS*****

Design Ward Bennett, 1963
Glass top, metal base
Made in the USA by Geiger®

Named for the metal cross brace that grasps its legs, the elegant three-legged Claw Table with round top works in a variety of interiors. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the classic glass-top design sits comfortably at the center of a furniture arrangement or quietly along the sidelines. Each table is 16-inches high.

As Useful as it is Graceful

The graceful Ward Bennett Claw Table has many possible uses—it can anchor a furniture arrangement, brighten up a corner of a room, sit at one or each end of a sofa. The clear glass top is available in three diameters, so you can choose the exact size that fits your space. The metal cross-brace and legs come in half a dozen finishes to complement any color scheme.

small: 20" dia. | 16" h
medium: 24" dia. | 16" h
large: 36" dia. | 16" h

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