Cube One Lo

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Cube One Lo

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Design Niels Bendtsen
Steel, wood or glass top
Made in British Columbia by Bensen

The Cube series reduces the table down to its minimal elements, but each logical configuration is designed for maximum use and adaptability. The design is simple and allows each piece to function either as the centerpiece in a room, or work in unison with other modern furnishings.

Base is made of solid steel stock that is hand welded and ground to create a seamless form then powder coated using a durable epoxy finish. Each wood top is notched to fit within the frame. The surface is strong and secure while elegantly appearing only half its actual thickness.

The Cube is available in a range of sizes and a variety of wood veneers or glass tops. Glass tops are available in sandblasted glass with flat polished edges.

cube one lo: 13.25" L | 13.25" h | 13.25" d 

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