Cube Sharp L LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp

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Cube Sharp L LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp

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Design by Smart & Green.

The Cube Sharp L LED Indoor / Outdoor Lamp is made in France. Defined by its simple, classic shape, the Cube Sharp L LED Indoor / Outdoor Lamp is incredibly practical, functional, and adaptable. Made from white polyethylene, the cube-shaped outdoor lamp is not only an accent light, but can be used simultaneously as a low table or stool. Perfect for use poolside, or even in the pool, this outdoor light is waterproof and shock resistant making it able to withstand a variety of conditions. Using a Bulb IC lamp, which is a low-energy consumption LED, this modern outdoor light casts diffused, accent light that can be set to cast a single color, to constantly transition between colors, or cast a warm, candle-like light. Perfect for indoor use as well, bring the Cube Sharp L inside as a cool accent light and low table or stool for living rooms, bedrooms or kid's rooms.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for use by the pool - waterproof
  • Can withstand bumps and drops - shock resistant
  • East to transport - cordless
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Light intensity control
  • Uses Bulb IC lamp
  • Battery charging station included
  • On/Off switch is located on base
  • Bluetooth 4.0 mesh capabilities:
    • Control the lamp from a compatible Smart & Green app on a smartphone or tablet
    • Adjust the intensity, color, or mode using the smartphone app
    • Schedule when a light turns on and off
    • Manage a single fixture or multiple lights at once


Color Modes:

  • Static ? set to a single color: white, green, red, blue, yellow, purple & turquoise
  • Dynamic ? a continuous cycle of unlimited colors seamlessly transitioning into the next
  • Candle Effect - yellow or blue LEDs flickering


Battery Life:

  • Uses a rechargeable Li-lon Battery
  • 24 hour battery life at low intensity setting
  • 12 hour battery life at average intensity setting
  • 8 hour battery life at high intensity setting
  • Battery is fully charged after 6 hours


  • 26"L X 26"W X 26"H

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