DR Glob Chair (2 Units Packaging)

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DR Glob Chair (2 Units Packaging)

Dr. Glob arose from the idea of ??bringing together different materials to achieve greater structural rigidity and an innovative project approach, playing with the contrast between thickness and lightness. The touch, the opacity and the thickness of the seat make Dr. Glob a true master of style. The seat is made with a special plastic compound that gives the chairs a warm and pasty, opaque and soft. The material is subjected to the dye paste to ensure good abrasion resistance, excellent aging and its use even outdoors. Dr. Glob chairs are stackable in all versions. The family comes in two models: Dr. Glob, steel-backed chair that is an extension of the structure of the rear support legs, and Hi Glob, stool available in two heights with steel back attached to the supporting structure of the material.

Pale-silver 25/gris

Seat: polypropylene colored molding compound
Structure: steel painted with epoxy-polyester powder

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