Dressed Kitchen Box With Hermetic Lid

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Dressed Kitchen Box With Hermetic Lid

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Designer Marcel Wanders

For those who love their breakfast (and not only), Marcel Wanders has created a series of additional articles for the “Dressed” service. This big collection reveals one of the typical traits of Wanders’ language, where ancient shapes and style features are echoed in a totally contemporary interpretation.

Glass jar. Hermetic lid in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with relief decoration.

4.25" dia. | 3.75" h| Capacity  17.75 oz
4.25" dia. | 4.75" h| Capacity  26.5 oz
4.25" dia. | 6.25" h| Capacity  1 qt 2 oz
4.25" dia. | 8.25" h| Capacity  1 qt 19.5 oz

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