Dune Tray

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Dune Tray

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Design Mario Bellini, 2009
Batch-dyed technopolymer
Made in Italy by Kartell

What good is a tray if it doesn't say something to the viewer, to the person examining it, using it? Who is going to remember it? What good is a tray if it's only good for carrying things?

The semi-transparent polycarbonate of these trays sculpted from within varies in chromatic intensity and
luminosity and projects a magical three-dimensional illusion onto the surface holding glasses and cups.
Images fluctuate and flow in these trays. Like mountain torrents, rivers of lava, fiery flames. Animated images of the caprices of wind and light. Like the waves on the sea, desert dunes or the shimmering reflections of silk. These rainbow-coloured trays are the first born of a family of small objects. Invented and designed to delight you with unexpected emotions.

Since the 1960's, the versatile Mario Bellini has been celebrated for his pioneering industrial designs for companies such as Olivetti, Kartell, Cassina, Artemide, B&B Italia, Heller, Renault, Rosenthal, Vitra, and Yamaha. Mario Bellini has won several Compasso d'Oro awards. Twenty-five of Bellini's elegant creations are in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which honored him with a one-man show in 1987.

Dune tray is available in a 4-pack of the same color & size.

small tray: 12.5" L | 18" w
large tray: 15" L | 21.5" w

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