Eames Quotes Posters

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Eames Quotes Posters


Design Charles & Ray Eames®, 1950
batch-dyed polypropylene, matt surface
Made in Germany by Vitra

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers of the twentieth century. Working with tireless enthusiasm, the pair explored the fields of photography, film, architecture, exhibitions, and furniture and product design, making landmark contributions in each domain. The book 'Essential Eames' records the thoughts and perspectives of Charles and Ray Eames using their own words and photographs. The result is an insight into the creative life of the designer couple, which succeeds in bringing their ideas and playful spirit to life.

Vitra collaborated with the Eames Office to compile a series of quotes and photographs from this rich collection for use as motifs on high-quality posters: the Eames Quotes Posters. These selected highlights from 'Essential Eames' capture the philosophy of Charles and Ray Eames and express their insights into design issues – recalling the way the couple themselves would often illustrate and enrich their lectures, readings, talks and presentations with a rapid succession of evocative photographs.


Height: 70 cm
Length: 50 cm

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