Eiffel Paper Stool

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Eiffel Paper Stool


Design by Shigeki Fujishiro, 2012
Recycled Paper Pulp,recycled cotton bag
Made by RS Barcelona

Eiffel stool has been designed in a minimal manner so the structure itself becomes form. It is completely eco-friendly, as it is made out of pure pulp and recycled paper. The material is prominent by means of durability, flexibility, weight and insulation. No doubt, its strength will amaze you.

While the Eiffel Tower, which inspired this piece, has four legs, the stool has only three. It's just a matter of ergonomics and comfort. The three legs offer the same stability as a four-legged stool and greater freedom of movement when you're sitting, because legroom is not limited by a chair-leg on each side, as happens with chairs of 4.

The stool is presented in grey color and comes in an attractive cardboard flat pack. And it includes a recycled cotton tote bag.

Once at home or in the office it takes less than five minutes to assemble. It's that easy. It's that comfortable.

Dimensions: 18"W X 14"D X 17.7"H

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