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Hood Accessory for Beem Lamps

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Hood Accessory for Beem Lamps

***** USUALLY SHIPS IN 10 - 12 DAYS *****

Design by Samuel Wilkinson
Painted steel
Made by Beem

BEEM set out to create high-quality, high-functioning LED lamps that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With a warm color temperature, fully dimmable and hidden inside is a feature that allows 120 degrees of movement, enabling the lamps to be easily adjusted and lined up with surrounding bulbs. As a single lamp, or in multiples (which is when the 120 degree adjustment radius would come into play), the lamps are functional and impactful - and playful.

The hood accessory completes the Table Lamp Fixture + Smile03 to become a perfect desk lamp with quality indirect light. It can also be used on the wall or pendant fixture when outfitted with the Smile03 bulb.

This product page references the hood accessory only. Please browse BEEM's fixtures and Smile03 bulb to complete your lamp.

Dimensions: 10.5"L | 2"W | 1.6"H