Hot Bertaa Miniature Kettle

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Hot Bertaa Miniature Kettle

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Design: Philippe Starck

The possession and use of objects is basically equivalent to an exchange of cultural and social meanings. By choosing those items that will become part of their personal environment, people tend to bestow on them important social significance, using them as motifs to communicate values they consider to be part of themselves, their own distinguishing characteristics. But the question goes even further. There is another value, one that we could define as Poetic Value. People also use objects to attempt to satisfy a deeply-rooted desire for art and poetry. These reflections form an ideal introduction to our first collection of miniatures. The collection was created with special consideration for collectors of our products, to give them the chance to complete their private collections of authentic objects and with considerable savings in terms of both space and expenditure.

Hot Bertaa Miniature kettle in chrome-plated zamak. Handle in thermoplastic resin.

4.25" w | 2.25" d | 3.25" h | includes gift-packaging

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