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Individual Bulbs

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Individual Bulbs

***** USUALLY SHIPS IN 10 - 12 DAYS *****

Design by Samuel Wilkinson
Polycarbonate; ceramic base,Sandblasted borosilicate glass; ceramic base.

BEEM set out to create high-quality, high-functioning LED bulbs that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With a warm color temperature, fully dimmable and hidden inside is a feature that allows 120 degrees of movement, enabling the lamps to be easily adjusted and lined up with surrounding bulbs. Curli is a swirl of light that takes its formal inspiration from the calligraphic flourish off the curlicue to create a continuous asymmetric coil that twists up and around the bulb holder. Smile bulbs are distinct, graphic and modern, fitted with a flexible filament attached to a ceramic base. As a single lamp, or in multiples (which is when the 120 degree adjustment radius would come into play), the bulbs are functional and impactful - and playful.

his product page references the bulb only. Please browse fixture options to complete your lamp.

Curli: 2.9"W | 2.9”H
Smile 01: 3.9”L | 1.6"W | 3.7”H
Smile 02: 7.9"L | 1.6”W | 2.3”H
Smile 03: 8.7L” | 1.6”W | 2.4”H