Liconi Centerpiece

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Liconi Centerpiece

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Design by Pierfrancesco Cravel
18/10 Stainless steel mirror polished
Made in Italy by Alessi

The glacial lake of Liconi acted as the muse for this Centrepiece for the table, designed by Pierfrancesco Cravel. In addition to its intrinsic scenographic qualities, selecting a lake as the inspirational model also responds to functional considerations: the surface of the water acts as the table top, the surrounding landscape forms the enclosing perimeter. The design of the surface was obtained by elaborating a high definition, stereoscopic satellite image. The highly-skilled craftsmanship necessary to reproduce a subject with these characteristics in metal was possible only thanks to the expertise Alessi has acquired through years of experience realising complex surfaces in steel. Its descriptive, evocative form transforms Liconi into an object to put on display, in addition to its nominal function as a Centrepiece.

Dimensions: W 9.25" | H 3.5" | L 13.75"

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