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Lispenard Sectional

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Lispenard Sectional

*****SHIPS IN 6-8 WEEKS*****

Design Neil Logan, 2017
Wood legs, feather & down cushions, upholstery
Made by Herman Miller

With its classic silhouette and boxy, elemental form, Lispenard Sofa Group is just right in all the right ways for a variety of needs and spaces. It’s stylish but not imposing, quiet but up for anchoring any space. It also offers the right support—the angled back affords just the right pitch. Without feeling overstuffed, its comfortable proportions deliver the plush softness you’d expect from casual lounge seating.

Materials—The Lispenard Sofa Group's sophisticated and thoughtful details compliment a wide range of of modern aesthetics. The construction features a plush combination of duck feather and down to emphasize comfort. The sofa group offers a beautiful proportion with a sit height of 15" and a depth of 23.5". The pieces also feature a depth pitch of 1.25", contributing to the overall feel of lounging and relaxation. The rounded wooden legs offer a quiet, yet contrasting element at 4" in height, and are available in walnut and white oak finishes.


Sectional—For corner sectional, right (AL51005), right side dimension is 121" (longer side). For corner sectional, left (AL51006), left side dimension is 121" (longer side).

Dimensions:  121" w | 35.5" d | 26" h | seat: 15"