Louis Poulsen Campbell Pendant

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Louis Poulsen Campbell Pendant

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Result of the first collaboration between Louise Campbell and Louis Poulsen Lighting – Won the prestigious gold International Forum Design Award in 2005 – Offers classic shape with a modern twist – Double shade composition allows for the capturing of light within the layers – Constructed from blown glass and embellished with sandblasted stripes – Suitable for positioning over dining tables, hallways, conference rooms, retail areas, etc.

The Campbell pendant creates direct and diffuse illumination. The design is inspired by light refraction in nature. The pendant consists of two separate layers of glass. Light passes through two separate glass shades, and the frosted stripes create a three-dimensional experience when viewing the fixture and shields from direct glare. The staggered sandblasted stripes aid in emanating diffuse light.

14.6" H x 10.8" dia