Marina 8729-2

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Marina 8729-2

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The BDI Marina 8729-2 sets sail on the latest look in home theater furniture. The BDI Marina 8729-2 home theater cabinet revisits the ultra chic and modern appeal of the 1950's, yet introduces a sleek and updated look that complements any sophisticated home theater or living room setting. A safe harbor for your components, the BDI Marina 8729-2 is full of hidden features. Whether the TV is on or off, this high-gloss system will be the focal point of any room!


  • Remote-Friendly Doors

  • Hidden Wheels

  • Adjustable Shelves

  • Rear Access Panels

  • Flow-Through Ventilation

  • Cable Management

  • TV Safety Strap


  • Polished Tempered Glass
  • Painted Hardwood Veneer

Dimensions: 23.5"H x 73"W x 22"D 


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