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Medici Lounge Chair

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Medici Lounge Chair

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 10-12 WEEKS*****

Design Konstantin Grcic, 2012
Walnut, douglas fir, thermo-treated ash
Made in Italy by Mattiazzi®

The low-sitting Medici Chair makes a bold statement in any space where you might take a moment to recline and relax. Inspired by the material, machinery, and craftsmanship essential to the woodworking process, the Medici Chair combines intriguing angularity with surprising comfort.

The Medici Chair was named for one of Italy’s most famous families, Famiglia de' Medici, whose power and influence over the city of Florence brought about the Italian Renaissance. No surprise, then, that the Medici Chair is as much a work of art as it is a lounge chair.

The gorgeous geometry of Medici’s wood planks, which converge at angles both conducive to reclining and pleasing to the eye, make this chair an interesting addition to an indoor patio or a living space. So interesting, in fact, that Icon magazine named it “Furniture Design of the Year.”

29.5" d | 27" w | 31" h | seat: 15.5" h