moon bowl 2 pack

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moon bowl 2 pack

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Design Mario Bellini, 2010

Transparent or batch-dyed PMMA
Made in Italy by Kartell

The great translucent Moon bowls, 17.7" in diameter, they look like double-faced lunar caps inside and out. A sort of lenticular reincarnation of the dune trays. But if the trays "bear", these bowl "contain". And what do they contain? A great variety of things - fruit, sweets, long drinks, salads, flowers and decorative arrangements.

But first and foremost they have that same magic light as DUNE, shimmering iridescently under your gaze. A lunar show of luminous refractions, a table center or ornament which will always be the dynamic vortex of a room.

Since the 1960's, the versatile Mario Bellini has been celebrated for his pioneering industrial designs for companies such as Olivetti, Kartell, Cassina, Artemide, B&B Italia, Heller, Renault, Rosenthal, Vitra, and Yamaha. Mario Bellini has won several Compasso d'Oro awards. Twenty-five of Bellini's elegant creations are in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which honored him with a one-man show in 1987.

Moon bowls are offered in quantities of 2 in the same color.

17.7" dia. | 6.5" h