Morgans Stool

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Morgans Stool

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Design Andrée Putman, 2009
Recycled aluminum
Made in USA by Emeco


Andrée Putman contacted Emeco in 2008 to ask to design a small, lightweight chair for her to use in the re-design of Morgan’s Hotel in New York. Gregg Buchbinder, remembers the first project meeting, "Andrée arrived in the 6 inch stilettos - she is the most stylish woman I have ever known. She told me she wanted to do with the Emeco chair what her friend Coco Channel did with the little black dress – create a simple, smart, sexy chair that never goes out of style."

When Andrée Putman updated her masterwork, the Morgans Hotel in NYC after 25 years, she asked Emeco to help her create a signature chair for the project. The Morgans chair fuses Robert Mallet Stevens’ art deco design with the 1006 Navy® DNA.

counter height: 16.5" w | 19.5" d | 41.3" h | seat: 24" h
bar height: 16.5" w | 19.5" d | 47" h | seat: 30" h

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