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Multiplo Base With 3 And 4 Spokes Table

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Multiplo Base With 3 And 4 Spokes Table


Design Antonio Citterio,2016
Matte Painted Die-Cast Aluminium
Made in Italy by Kartell

The Multiplo Base with 3 Spokes Outdoor Table has been designed by Antonio Citterio and manufactured by Kartell from Italy. Provided in more variations, the bases of these tables have a structure in printed thermoplastic material while the top is covered in ceramic with a mass colored marble finish, glass. The round version is available with a large rounded leg or 4-leg leg for the indoor type (Ø 118 cm), with a small rounded leg or a 3-leg leg for the outdoor type (Ø 78 cm). The top is a choice of three solutions: solid color stoneware in white, black, glass and stoneware in marble in black and white. In the square version the top has rounded corners, is proposed with a large rounded leg or 4-leg leg for the larger version (99x99), small rounded leg or 3-leg leg for the smaller version (78x78) and is indicated both for indoor and outdoor use.

Multiplo projects unique character lies in the concept that you can give tables a completely different appearance by simply changing of color and pattern of their surface. The structure beneath is made from plastic with difference bases, and top itself is formed from extremly sleek ceramic. The tables legs are constructed using thermoplastic technopolymer that has been moulded to bear the tables weight, while the ceramic top is mass-colored or features a marble effect. Its multi purpose nature has been conceived to make it highly customisable. From the minimalist to the decorative, from pop art to more elegant designs, from bourgeois dining tables to the perfect bar tables for concract furniture, Muptiplo bears witness to this eclectic and versatile spirit.

Square: W 30.7" | D 30.75" | H 29.125"
Round: Dia. 30.75" | H 29.125"