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My First Office

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My First Office

****SHIPS IN 10 - 12 WEEKS****

Design Marti Guixe, 2012
Birch plywood
Made in Italy by Magis

My First Office allows children to customize their own learning environment. This work space and storage unit is created from birch plywood and features an entrance, open shelving and a height adjustable desk that can be reached from both sides. Fill the shelves with favorite gadgets, books, games and toys for easy access during playtime and a convenient display space at the end of the day.

Inspired by his granddaughter's propensity for drawing and a lack of appropriate children's desks, Eugenio Perazza conceived the Me Too Collection. Instead of scaling down adult-sized furniture to smaller proportions, he went in search of a design team in and outside of Magis that could think from the perspective of a kid. The resulting Me Too Collection speaks to a child's voice demanding something of their own. Designed for children between two and six years old, the Me Too Collection offers objects that correspond to their own world, not only in dimensions but in values as well.

Dimensions: 70.9"W X 55.1"D X 47.2"H