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Pillar Low Dresser

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Pillar Low Dresser

*****SHIPS IN 8-12 WEEKS*****

Design Michael Anastassiades, 2019
Wood veneer, brass detail
Made by Herman Miller

If you ask designer Michael Anastassiades, the bedroom doesn’t draw quite enough attention for its role in the home. His Pillar Bedroom Group is an honest answer to the shift of a previously utilitarian room to a sacred space of leisure and contemplation. He began this project as he begins all projects—with a singular focus on quality and an exploration of the kinds of materials and details that stand the test of time. The result is a united and discreetly beautiful essential bedroom collection with considered brass details.

Elegant in form and casual in use, the Pillar Short Dresser is soft and timeless in both materiality and shape. Anastassiades wanted to create a reminder of the bed in the base of the dresser to elevate it on an open frame and give the free space for lightness.
Dimensions: 67" L | 19" d | 32" h | 200 lbs.