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Polygon Wire Table

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Polygon Wire Table


Design Studio 7.5, 2014
Formcoat top, metal base
Made by Herman Miller®

A versatile and playful expression of pure geometry, the Polygon Table by Studio 7.5 is an elegant solution anyplace you need a surface—at home, the office, or elsewhere. Its wide range of customization options, with several top shapes and heights, and a selection of color finishes, make it the ideal side table, coffee table, or meeting table, whether used on its own or grouped together.

Unleashing Potential

Studio 7.5 wanted to give tables fewer limits—and more potential—so they designed their Polygon Table to scale to a range of proportions and sizes. A single table can stand alone, its unified base and top color give the tables a coordinated appearance. Alternatively, tables in different sizes and shapes can be nested to accommodate a variety of needs for side tables and coffee tables. This makes Polygon Tables easy to reconfigure if those needs change; there is simply no wrong way to group them.


  • Make It Yours

    Customize the table to suit your space. Available in several heights, Polygon’s triangular wire base accommodates the various dimensions of triangle, hexagon, and round tops of powder-coated MDF.

  • Unified in Color

    The table’s base and top, available in a selection of subdued options, are always the same color. This gives each table a unified appearance and emphasizes its lines and shapes.

  • Round Table: 18" dia. top | 16", 20" or 26" h 32" dia. top | 14", 18" or 26" h 46" dia. top | 14", 22" or 26" h

    Triangle Table :18" dia. top | 16", 20" or 26" h 32" dia. top | 14", 18" or 26" h 46" dia. top | 14", 22" or 26" h