progiotti cookie cutter set

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progiotti cookie cutter set

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Designer:   AA.VV.

Iconic products from Alessi’s catalogue have been turned into Cookie cutters, part of the project Progiotti, becoming kitchen accessories. As was done with the Miniature and the Magnets collections before them, reinterpreting our popular items in the light new functional requirements provides an ideal opportunity to celebrate them anew. A total of six Alessi icons have been selected for the transformation into cookie cutters: the Hot Bertaa kettle, the cupola espresso coffee maker, the Mami pot, the Bombè teapot, the little man, Girotondo and the Alessandro M. Corkscrew . The stainless steel plate has been bent into the shape of the icon and folded in on itself along the top edge to make the cutters sturdier, safer and more comfortable to handle. The Progiotti come in sets of six pieces..

One set of six cookie cutters.

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