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Reiet Children's Chair

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Reiet Children's Chair

****SHIPS IN 10 - 12 WEEKS****

Design Javier Mariscal, 2011
100% Beech
Made in Italy by Magis
The Reiet Children's Chair is a child-sized throne. Created from thick beech, this chair features scalloped rear legs, arm rests, a tall back and fun designs. There is a gap between the arms and the back rest to allow for children to easily grab on and pull themselves up into the chair. The carved designs, located on the side of the arms and the back rest, feature curving lines, diamonds, birds and a crown. Modeled after chairs used by kings, the Reiet Children's Chair offers regal seating for a modern kid's room. Available in several colors.
Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia in 1950, and developed his professional career in Barcelona. The Mediterranean culture of both cities is revealed in his work: from it he has inherited the hedonism, optimism and symbolism that characterizes his designs, as well as the vibrant range of colours and his poetic approach. Before dealing with projects from a multidisciplinary point of view became a recognized value, his professional activity already moved easily and confidently from one discipline to another, thanks to his untiring curiosity and his passionate drive for innovation, contributing to make everyday life more interesting, easier and friendlier.
Dimensions: 13.8"W X 15"D X 26"H, Seat Height: 10.6"H