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Sayl Upholstered Stool

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Sayl Upholstered Stool


Great Design, Affordable Price

Designing Sayl started with understanding the needs of people and designing an ergonomic stool that incorporates everything that Herman Miller chairs are known for. By rethinking every part, we were able to create a better, smarter stool that sets a new reference point in its class for performance, ergonomics, quality, and appearance.

  • 3D Intelligent Technology

    Sayl Stool’s revolutionary 3D Intelligent suspension back molds the support you need into the back material, eliminating hard edges and the need for a frame. The suspension back is a flexible elastomer that adapts to each person's unique shape and provides exceptional comfort and support for just about all body types.

  • Eco-Dematerialized Design

    Yves Béhar is big on environmental responsibility in design. The result is a lightweight chair that is mostly recyclable. Many of the stool’s structural components are hollowed out, reducing weight and volume.

  • Elegant Anywhere

    Shape matters, especially when introducing a stool into your work environment. The organic shape of the Sayl back makes it elegant anywhere, from every angle. And Sayl color choices let you express your individuality. Mix colors on the seat, back and arm pads for a bold look. Or match them for a more traditional appearance.

Dimensions: 42.5" h x 24.75" w x 26" d | Seat Height: 23.5"

    Overall height adjusts to 52.5", Seat height adjusts to 33.5"


      Click Here for Sayl Stool Adjustment Instructions