Super Star Six-Section Bowl

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Super Star Six-Section Bowl

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Designer:   Tom Kovac

Tom Kovac has designed a clean-cut piece, a composition of containers for different foods. “The new design for Alessi was conceived as a series of curves with the potential to generate a complex family of receptacles. Objects of different shapes and sizes can be placed inside this sculpted form, while the gently curved hollows for holding different objects or foods form an unbroken line. The combination of the six hollows in the bowl allow you to personalise the display each time, with simple gestures designed to provide a unique, multi-sensory experience, creating an endless array of shapes, patterns, colours and positions. This “enhanced functionality” develops the aesthetic, tactile and visual relationship with the object, heightening your enjoyment of the bowl’s shape and enhancing the way you look at its contents”.

14" dia. | 1.7" h

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