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Innit Vinyl Cord - 135 Foot Rolls

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Innit Vinyl Cord - 135 Foot Rolls

***** Ships in 10-12 Days *****

Made in North America by Innit Design.

This is the vinyl cording used to make our Acapulco chairs and other woven indoor / outdoor chairs. This is incredibly strong stuff with UV protection to keep the material from degrading or losing it's colour, also with anti-fungal protection. It is flexible but not so much that it will stretch out. Available in 18 colors here on 135 foot rolls. Made in Canada using organic plasticizers. The greenest flexible PVC on the market.

Do you have some vintage furniture to rewrap? Did you buy a cheaply made Acapulco chair style from a discount shop or the knock of store and the material broke on you? We have been making furniture out of very strong vinyl cord since 2009 and we have not had even one complaint of the material breaking on its own!

It takes about 2 - 2.5 rolls to wrap almost any full size chair. We usually recommend buying a bit extra to avoid the frustration of working on a chair and finding you don't have enough to finish.

Vinyl 0.2 inch / 5mm, made in Canada, PBA-Free, flexible, durable.