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The Eclectic Designs of Pablo

Lighting is an integral part of Modern Design Furniture, and few brands strike that vital balance of aesthetics and functionality like Pablo. I am proud to offer these sleek yet utilitarian installments at both CAModerHome.com and my showroom in Miami Beach.
This world-renowned brand bears the name of Pablo Pardo, born in Venezuela to a family of engineers and currently based in San Francisco, California. An industrial designer by trade, he did work for DaimlerChrysler and Toylab before branching out on his own to explore new and exciting designs on his own terms.
Pablo focused his talents on interior lighting, a critical part of furnishings and interior design. Striking for their simplicity and beauty, the lighting installments – from desk lamps to pendants – go beyond aesthetics and offer an ethereal experience to any interior. This reflects a design philosophy centered on creating novel, eccentric lighting options that bring together the best of form and function.
In Pablo Pardo’s own words, the “goal is not to design another beautiful object; it's about challenging how we see things”.
With that in mind, Pablo began broke into the design industry in the mid 1990s with stunning creations like the Sophie lamp and the piccolo lamp, which remain visionary to this day. The Sophie lamp especially continues to turn heads with its modish composition and polished aluminum. The application of mechanic that balance the right shapes and materials to create unique lighting effects continues to set Pablo apart.
Not long after unveiling these and other pioneering designs, Pablo inaugurated his own flagship store, which carries a vast range of design works ranging from the popular Tube Top Lamp to the venerable Circa collection.
You won’t have to go far to view and enjoy these fantastic lighting installments. Just pay a visit to visit the CA Modern Home showroom located at 1560 Lenox Ave. Suite 101 Miami Beach, Florida, opened Monday through Saturday. Feel free to contact 800.605.1859 or email sales@camodernhome.com for more information.
Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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