• Adnet Circulaire Mirror

    Adnet Circulaire Mirror

    Gubi $879.00
  • Adnet Rectangulaire Mirror

    Adnet Rectangulaire Mirror

    Gubi $999.00
  • all saints mirror

    all saints mirror

    Kartell $455.00
  • Ciao Mirror and Console

    Ciao Mirror and Console

    BDI $1,088.00
  • Continuum Mirror

    Continuum Mirror

    BDI $659.00
  • Deja‐vu Mirror

    Deja‐vu Mirror

    Magis $1,592.00
  • FC08 Blow up wall mirror

    FC08 Blow up wall mirror

    Alessi $340.00
  • Flip Mirror

    Flip Mirror

    Normann Copenhagen $120.00
  • francois ghost mirror

    francois ghost mirror

    Kartell $465.00
  • Gem Long Mirror

    Gem Long Mirror

    Tom Dixon $2,550.00
  • Gem Mirror

    Gem Mirror

    Tom Dixon $750.00
  • Hang 1 Capsule Mirror

    Hang 1 Capsule Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Dr. Octagon Mirror

    Hang 1 Dr. Octagon Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Drop Mirror

    Hang 1 Drop Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Oval Mirror

    Hang 1 Oval Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Round Mirror

    Hang 1 Round Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Square Mirror by BluDot

    Hang 1 Square Mirror by BluDot

    BluDot $299.00
  • Hang 1 Swoval Mirror

    Hang 1 Swoval Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • KNAX wall mirror

    KNAX wall mirror

    Loca $358.00
  • Last chance mirror

    Last chance mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • lean mirror

    lean mirror

    Bensen $990.00
  • Light Frame Mirror

    Light Frame Mirror

    Ethnicraft $400.00
  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror

    BluDot $499.00
  • Oak Mirror

    Oak Mirror

    Ethnicraft $685.00
  • only me mirror

    only me mirror

    Kartell $300.00
  • Peggy Mirror

    Peggy Mirror

    BluDot $299.00
  • Ponti F.A. 33 Rectangular Wall Mirror

    Ponti F.A. 33 Rectangular Wall Mirror

    Gubi $1,399.00
  • Ponti Randaccio Wall Mirror

    Ponti Randaccio Wall Mirror

    Gubi $899.00
  • Rune Leaning Mirror

    Rune Leaning Mirror

    BluDot $399.00
  • TDH Leaning Mirror

    TDH Leaning Mirror

    BluDot $699.00
  • Teak Mirror

    Teak Mirror

    Ethnicraft $1,100.00
  • Utilitile Mirror

    Utilitile Mirror

    Ethnicraft $300.00

Are you looking for a simple way to make your home or room appear larger? A modern wall mirror can not only give the illusion of more space, it’s also a fantastic way to add a bit of personality and your own one of a kind style. Modern wall mirrors are made with contemporary style and come in a rich assortment of shapes. Choose from linear leaning mirrors such as Bensen's "Lean Mirror", or a geometric shape such as the "Blow Up" wall mirror from Alessi that perfectly complements your existing décor.


A major differentiating factor as you explore our selection of mirrors is the frame design. You’ll find a unique frame design for just about every room in your home so you can find the right mirror to match your design aesthetic. For master bathrooms, you’ll definitely want something that can withstand the effects of moisture, the Francois Ghost Mirror from Kartell is a great option because of its polycarbonate frame.


Organic, round, rectangular, modern mirrors provide a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to adding life and a unique flair to a space.