• aalto finlandia tall vase

    aalto finlandia tall vase

    iittala $165.00
  • On Sale
    aalto savoy vase - Small

    aalto savoy vase - Small

    iittala $75.00 $60.00
  • On Sale
    kartio vase

    kartio vase

    iittala $75.00 $60.00
  • Matelassé


    Kartell $149.00
  • misses flower power

    misses flower power

    Kartell $635.00
  • Bash Vessel

    Bash Vessel

    Tom Dixon $275.00
  • Beat Vessel

    Beat Vessel

    Tom Dixon $1,100.00
  • spun vase trio

    spun vase trio

    Tom Dixon $850.00
  • beat vessel drop

    beat vessel drop

    Tom Dixon $1,400.00
  • beat vessel top

    beat vessel top

    Tom Dixon $1,150.00
  • shanghai vase

    shanghai vase

    Kartell $225.00
  • shibuya vase

    shibuya vase

    Kartell $180.00
  • Jelly Vase

    Jelly Vase

    Kartell $155.00
  • I Shine

    I Shine

    Kartell $180.00
  • U Shine

    U Shine

    Kartell $180.00
  • alessi e-li-li flower vase

    alessi e-li-li flower vase

    Alessi $410.00
  • babyboop flower vase

    babyboop flower vase

    Alessi $490.00
  • pinch flower vase

    pinch flower vase

    Alessi $163.00
  • Precious Shanghai Vase

    Precious Shanghai Vase

    Kartell $360.00
  • Precious Jelly Vase

    Precious Jelly Vase

    Kartell $210.00
  • On Sale
    aalto savoy vase - medium

    aalto savoy vase - medium

    iittala $115.00 $92.00
  • On Sale
    aalto savoy vase - Large

    aalto savoy vase - Large

    iittala $175.00 $140.00
  • Flower vase tube

    Flower vase tube

    Alessi $260.00
  • ALDO


    Alessi $259.00
  • La Stanza dello Scirocco Vase

    La Stanza dello Scirocco Vase

    Alessi $220.00
  • Tonale Flower vase

    Tonale Flower vase

    Alessi $130.00

Modern vases function as elegant accent pieces that not only showcase your unique tastes, they can instantly turn your home into a contemporary art exhibit and an ordinary tabletop into a gorgeous conversation piece.


A vase adds just the right finishing touch to a room, creating a welcoming ambiance that’s further enhanced by bringing a piece of nature into your home, whether that’s your favorite flower, a bouquet someone gave you, or fresh foliage. Place the vase on an end table close to your lamps or a sculpture to create a stunning display, or place it in the center of a room on top of the coffee table to create a charming centerpiece.


Small pieces can create a bold impact. Adding some plants will breathe life into a room with a sculptured vase that’s also a planter. You can create the illusion of larger space by placing it in front of a mirror to reflect light. With so many different vases to choose from names like Tom Dixon, Alessi, and Kartell, there is a tremendous amount of ways to get creative.