Bar Height Tables

  • 20-06 round bar-height table

    20-06 round bar-height table

    Emeco $1,340.00
  • 20-06 round cafe table

    20-06 round cafe table

    Emeco $1,215.00
  • 20-06 square bar-height table

    20-06 square bar-height table

    Emeco $1,340.00
  • Alter Dining Table

    Alter Dining Table

    Bontempi Casa $867.00
  • dr. na

    dr. na

    Kartell $720.00
  • emeco café table - round

    emeco café table - round

    Emeco $1,185.00
  • emeco café table - square

    emeco café table - square

    Emeco $1,185.00
  • Hot Mesh Bar Table

    Hot Mesh Bar Table

    BluDot $449.00
  • Richard Schultz 1966 Bar Height Table - 42" High

    Richard Schultz 1966 Bar Height Table - 42" High

    Knoll $2,235.00
  • Setu Tables - Laminate Top

    Setu Tables - Laminate Top

    herman miller $569.00
  • Setu Tables - Veneer Top

    Setu Tables - Veneer Top

    herman miller $669.00
  • Sprout Bar Table

    Sprout Bar Table

    BluDot $899.00
  • Spun Tall Table

    Spun Tall Table

    Tom Dixon $1,520.00
  • table one bistro outdoor

    table one bistro outdoor

    Magis $1,029.00
  • Y! Bar Table

    Y! Bar Table

    Gubi $1,799.00

Standard table height is 29 - 30". Counter Height is 35-36" but modern bar height tables in terms of height, are actually the tallest of all three at 41-42". These tables are designed specifically to be used and complemented with stools that are between 28 to 33-inches tall. Any time you go to a restaurant or visit your favorite local bar or pub, chances are these are the types of tables you’ll come across, hence their name.


Bar height tables are considered to be the most casual of the table types as they tend to slightly blur the line between standing and sitting. They are typically designed to be tall and skinny, perfect to add just the right touch to a cafe setting, a break room, or even a setting where a traditional table would not be feasible, enhancing the relaxed ambiance.


Our selection of bar height tables include a gorgeous assortment of varied selections to add just the right unique touch. The 1966 Bar Height Table designed by Richard Schultz is simple, functional, yet perennially contemporary, creating an illusion as though it were floating on air. The 20-06 Bar Table by Emeco is perfect for outdoor or indoor use.