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An Exciting Update on the Milan World's Fair

I have long looked to major design events like World Expos as a source of inspiration for my Modern Design Furniture and various other design projects. Like every World’s Far before it, Milan’s event is an enduring spectacle of the human imagination, a testament to the importance of clever and audacious design for resolving human problems – whether it is seeking comfort and beauty, or addressing global poverty.
This lesson is encapsulated in Expo Milan’s official theme, “feeding the planet, energy for life”, which is intended to showcase how design can help with sustainability, biodiversity, and food security. Previous World Expos looked at how design could create more livable communities or more environmentally sustainable cities, so this latest event continuing this trend amid a rapidly changing world.
The over 12-million-square-foot fair is hosting exhibits from 145 countries, each showcasing their own approach to food and environmental technology. Brazil has transplanted a living tropical forest in what was once a field, while the U.K. pavilion borrows the distinctive design of bee colonies to raise attention to the beauty and efficiency of natural design, as well as the importance of bees to the environment.
One pavilion worthy of highlighting is Switzerland’s, which features four silo-like towers filled with Swiss food products. Visitors are invited to take as much as they want, but are reminded that another 2 million people will follow them – and the silos will not be refilled. This a clever way to raise consciousness about over-consumption and social responsibility – yet another example of how design impacts mindsets.
Doubtless, Expo Milano is filled with eco-friendly architecture, among the most striking being that of the United Arab Emirates. Designed by renowned British architecture firm Foster + Partners, the pavilion features walls of almost 40 feet in height that ripple like waves of sand and weave from big to small walkways, symbolizing a canyon. It symbolizes how the U.A.E., like many other societies, has had to make due without lakes or rivers that provide sustenance to so many others but are taken for granted.
The Milan World’s Fair is just another enduring example of how design can inspire and educate people to exploring bold new ideas and concepts. I am looking forward to the inspiring and radical new designs in store.
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Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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