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December 12, 2022

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any given house. Some People will spend at least one-third of their life in a bedroom, when you consider sleeping, getting dressed, and hobbies such as reading.

As such, you must ensure that your bedroom is exactly to your tastes. You want to feel comfortable, safe, and secure in your bedroom- what better way to do so than to add all the bedroom furniture that you love?

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional interior designer to get great results in your bedroom. Read on to learn everything that you need to know about mixing and matching bedroom furniture!

Why Would You Mix Furniture Pieces?

One of the most significant benefits of mixing furniture pieces is to make your bedroom more unique. You are a unique person, and you want your bedroom to reflect your personality.

By mixing and matching different furniture pieces, you can highlight aspects of your personality that would look best in a physical space. You can create a bedroom entirely unlike any other!

However, mixing furniture pieces might seem confusing at first. After all, the odds are high that you’re not an interior decorator. How would you even start?

Where Should You Start?

As with most large undertakings, you should start slowly when decorating your room. Getting everything done at once can cost more than you would expect, and you may feel overwhelmed. 

The odds are high that your room is not entirely blank. You may have to consider throwing out a significant amount of your current furniture. Thankfully, this is not as difficult as you might expect.

First, choose the things you want to keep. Perhaps this is your bed frame or your bookshelf.

Now, choose the things you want to replace and get rid of them.

You now have free space to find furniture that fits well with the existing pieces that you love.

How To Choose The Right Pieces Of Furniture

You can always pick random pieces of furniture that you enjoy and place them in your room as you see fit. It will certainly make your room express your personality!

However, if you want your room to look its absolute best while also properly conveying your personality, you should keep in mind a few good rules.

Here are some of the best tips available to choose the right pieces of furniture for your bedroom.


As with anything else, it’s always a good idea to do some planning beforehand. What kind of styles do you want to emphasize in your room? What kind of materials do you want to use? 

An inspiration board is a great way to get a general idea of your room and determine your style.

You can make a physical board by printing out inspiration pieces and pinning them to a piece of corkboard, or you can register an account on a dedicated inspiration board site, such as Pinterest.


Different materials have unique textures and characteristics. For example, while plastic is versatile and can feel like many things, it does not feel like metal. 

Try mixing materials and textures to create a varied, visually appealing feel in your room. When done right, varied textures can add visual depth and direct attention to certain spots.

For example, try mixing either genuine or faux wood with metal to contrast a raw, varied appearance with a sleek, uniform one.


Colors serve much of the same niche as texture, but with one main exception. The odds are high that you don’t have a favorite texture, but youdo have a color you prefer. 

Consider using your favorite color as an anchor point and using basic color theory to find other colors that coordinate well with your chosen hue.


Style is a hard thing to categorize. However, you can usually break styles down to some extent without much issue. 

For example, even an untrained eye can easily identify modern, futuristic, and rustic styles.

Try mixing styles you like. For example, if you have a modern bedframe, purchase a rustic nightstand that might go well. A variation in style will add a certain depth to the room!


Shapes are just as vital to interior design as color and texture. Different shapes help give rooms a personalized feel and communicate different moods. 

Do you want your room to seem more friendly and comforting? Try going for larger and rounder shapes. On the other hand, plenty of squares can convey a classy feeling.

Mix different shapes and sizes to find a mood you like. Remember, the key here is to find a room thatyou enjoy!

Tie It All Together

Sometimes, if you put some furniture you enjoy in a room, it may still feel empty. Something is missing. 

Repeat certain shapes, colors, and accessories across your room to help tie everything together.

Find characteristics of certain furniture pieces that match each other and utilize those to add a unified feeling to your room!

There is no way to incorrectly mix furniture. If you like an idea, go for it!


Ultimately, there is no single way to go about decorating a bedroom. Mixing and matching can make your bedroom feel unique and add a greater sense of depth in styling, but you might find that it doesn’t fit your tastes after all.

 Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Your bedroom is your sanctuary- it’s where you feel the most comfortable and secure.

You want your bedroom to reflect your identity as a person. It should show your tastes and the things you enjoy. Your bedroom is a canvas that you can paint your personality all over!

By applying some basic principles of art, such as repeating shapes, complimentary colors, and contrasting textures, you can master interior design and make the best bedroom possible.

With the tips in this article, you should feel comfortable mixing and matching any bedroom furniture to your heart’s desire. Go ahead and make your bedroom as comfortable as possible- you deserve it!

Ben Schorr
Ben Schorr

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