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May 26, 2022

According to an  industry trends report, consumers in the US spent upwards of $15 billion on outdoor furniture in 2020 alone. This comes as no surprise considering the aesthetic appeal of outdoor furniture.

Most outdoor furniture is made of weather-proof materials like UV-coated fabrics and rust-free powder-coated aluminum. However, a little more TLC can go a long way in making them more durable. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep your outdoor furniture in peak condition.

Challenges of Protecting Outdoor Furniture

Unlike indoor furniture, which is protected at all times, patio furniture must withstand exposure to the elements such as:

Rain and Humidity

Moisture affects the look and durability of your outdoor furniture. If the furniture is left unsealed, water might seep into it and lead to more significant cracks and splits. These unsightly cracks can also disintegrate the makeup of the furniture altogether. 

And if they're made of iron or steel, your furniture can get oxidized or rust if left out in the rain. 


Sunny days are the best for spending time outdoors on your patio. But some furniture materials may warp, split, or become fragile when exposed to scorching sunlight. Too much sun exposure causes your outdoor furniture pieces to yellow out or discolor over time. 


If your outdoor furniture is not heavy enough, it may get blown sideways or away on windy days. Similarly, if it is not durable enough, it may get damaged by objects blown by the wind. 

Attack From Parasites and Microorganisms

Some furniture designs have fine holes and burrowing areas that attract bugs, mites, spiders, and beetles. These creatures may eventually lay eggs below the furniture’s surface, weakening these pieces’ structural integrity.

High Temperatures

High temperatures pose significant risks to outdoor furniture. For starters, the constant expansion and contraction during dramatic temperature fluctuations can cause outdoor furniture to warp and pieces to detach from each other or even break.

Additionally, outdoor furniture exposed to high temperatures from the sun becomes heated up so much that it is uncomfortable to touch. These 'extreme' temperatures can also cause further damage to your outdoor furniture.

10 Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of its quality or material, your outdoor furniture will always be vulnerable to damage from the weather and micro-organisms. 

However, you can protect it with the following tips.

Protect Your Fabrics With  Water and a Spray-on Sun Shield

Most outdoor fabrics like umbrellas, furniture cushions, and pillows are made with sun and water repellent fabrics. If yours aren't, you can still give them the much-needed protection by getting a sun and water repellant shield spay. This will significantly extend their life expectancy.

Tie Down These Furniture Pieces

To keep your outdoor furniture safe from wind damage, you should always anchor your patio furniture. Keep umbrellas closed, weigh down chairs after use, and ensure that cushions are well-secured on the seats.

Once the furniture is secure, you can cover the furniture for additional protection. 

Use The Shade

All types of outdoor furniture benefit immensely from sun protection. Consider placing your outdoor furniture under an umbrella or other permanent structure. This will not only extend your furniture's life but also lower the risk of sun, water, and wind damage.

Seal Outdoor Wooden Furniture With Polyurethane

It is vital to seal all wooden outdoor furniture with polyurethane. Polyurethane protects your furniture from the sun and also brings out the natural beauty of the wood. While you're at it, consider using polyurethane with UV blockers for added protection.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

Covering your outdoor furniture protects it from the sun and all other forms of precipitation as well. When choosing your outdoor furniture covers, ensure that they fit comfortably over each piece. 

You should also avoid covers that seal your furniture underneath. Proper airflow to the bottom part of your outdoor furniture prevents mold and mildew.

Use Paste Wax on Furniture

Paste wax does wonders in protecting the finish of outdoor furniture made from materials like metal and aluminum. If rust or corrosion has already formed, remove that layer first, apply paint and primer, and then add paste wax on top. 

Experts also recommend applying a rust neutralizer on metals prone to rusting like wrought iron.

Apply Protectant on All Plastic Furniture

Despite how durable it may seem, plastic furniture is just as vulnerable to sun damage as any other outdoor furniture. By applying a protectant on your plastic outdoor furniture, you can keep the sun’s rays from making it yellow out. 

Spray protectant essentially acts as a sunscreen, preventing cracking and fading on all plastic furniture.

Proper Off-Season Storage

It’s not a good idea to leave furniture outside during the winter. Depending on your preference, you can either store these pieces in a storage shed or garage. 

You can also get a multipurpose outdoor storage chest that functions as a statement piece while giving you the much-needed storage for your patio accessories. 

That being said, you should pick a storage box carved out from materials like teak and polymer as these materials are incredibly durable and weather-resistant. And, finally, always remember to clean your furniture before putting them away. 

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Even if you keep your furniture covered, it's still going to take on dirt. That's why you should clean it more frequently. Ideally, you should clean it with warm water and dish soap. 

You can use a sponge to get rid of grime and then rinse it off using a horse. Then let it air-dry before covering or moving it to a shade. This is especially vital when dealing with wrought iron furniture, which might require a little bit more TLC.

Plan Ahead

You cannot know when it’s going to rain the next day. Even the weather app on your phone is not always accurate. But, if you suspect that your area is about to get hit with extreme weather, you should move your furniture to a more secure area like the shed. 

Although furniture covers won't always protect against strong winds, they are pretty good at protecting your furniture from UV rays and heavy rains. 

CA Modern Home Outdoor Furniture

At CA Modern Home, we offer a wide collection of  modern furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. We carry pieces from the top designer brands like Vitra, Herman Miller, Louise Paulsen, Tom Dixon, and more. With our outdoor furniture collection, you can bring a fusion of fission and function to any outdoor setting.

Cozy up on a stylish lounge chair, or spend a sunny day with a drink and great company on eye-catching yet sophisticated furniture pieces that will not only make your patio more beautiful but also a fun place to be.  Visit us today for the best deals on outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture, no matter how durable, will always need a little bit of care to keep it looking fresh and dapper. With the tips above, you're sure to make your outdoor furniture last longer whilst maintaining its aesthetic appeal. 

Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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