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October 25, 2022

More employees are working remotely than ever, which means more time sitting in a chair at their home office. With the increase in our sedentary lifestyle, back support for office chairs has become an important topic for many people. 

So, which is the best back support for office chairs? Let’s take a look!

Do Lumbar Support Cushions Work?

When it comes to back pain, lumbar support cushions are some of the best ergonomic solutions for prevention. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so it's crucial to find the one that works best for you.

It might also be helpful to understand why back support for office chairs is so critical and how lumbar support pillows can drastically improve your posture and health.

It likely comes as no surprise to learn that sitting is not healthy for a body. In fact, sitting is one of the most common causes of lower back pain and discomfort. Our weight rests on our buttocks and the back of our thighs when we sit; this weight distribution can put a lot of pressure on the spine, especially if we sit for long periods. 

The spine is made up of 33 bones called vertebrae. In between these vertebrae are spongy discs that act as cushions; they take on significant wear and tear since they carry the most weight. These discs can begin to compress when we sit, leading to pain and discomfort over time. 

In addition to disc compression, sitting can cause the muscles in our back and neck to tense up, leading to pain. 

So, what is the best way to avoid all of this? The answer is to find good back support for office chairs.

Lumbar support pillows help distribute weight evenly across the back and spine, preventing herniation of the discs and nerve damage. A lumbar pillow supports your spine in its natural position by filling in the space between the chair and your lower back. 

This added support alleviates pressure on the discs, leading to pain and numbness in the legs (sciatica). Lumbar support pillows help prevent muscle strain and fatigue by keeping your spine aligned.

So how,exactly, can you use back support pillows for support while sitting?

How to Support Your Back While Sitting

To use your back support pillow effectively, you must place it securely in the curve of your back so that it won’t fall out through naturally occurring movements. The pad must be secure enough to stay in place throughout your day.

Another factor to consider when searching for a back pillow is flexibility versus firmness. If you have a lot of lower back pain, a firmer cushion may be better as it will provide more support. 

However, a softer cushion may be more comfortable if you need just a little extra support. The key is finding the balance between the two; flexible enough to hug your body and firm enough to offer support to your spine.

Don’t forget about all the time you travel, either! Using back support in your car will go a long way to alleviating the stress on your back; just make sure to find a pillow that travels well.

Not sure about what shape or size of pillow to get? First, let’s address how to add lumbar support to your office chair correctly.

How to Add a Lumbar Support to Your Office Chair

All bodies are different, and all office chairs are different. This diversity means we must take measurements to find the best fit for you! The lumbar support must fit in the curve of your back, so if you’re taller, the pillow will have to be placed higher. 

Conversely, the lumbar pillow should be placed further down the back of the chair for shorter people.

Also, some office chairs already have a slight curve, so the last thing you need is to add another curvy pillow that might force your lumbar spine out of its natural shape.

Use your common sense. The best back support for office chairs depends on the person using them. Their height, weight, and build will influence what type of pillow best suits them. 

That being said, a few general tips can help anyone find the perfect back support for their office chair. 

  • Height:When it comes to height, taller people will need a larger pillow than shorter people. This is because a taller person’s back will be longer, meaning they need more support. 

A good rule of thumb is to get a pillow about half the length of your back. 

  • Weight: Heavier people will need a firmer pillow than lighter people. This is because a heavier person’s weight will put more pressure on the pad, making it more likely to flatten over time. 

A firmer pillow can better support a heavier person without flattening.

  • Build:People with a broader build will need a wider pillow than people with a narrower shape. This is because a wider person’s back will take up more space, meaning they need more support to cover the entire area.

Best Lumbar Supports for Office Chairs

  • Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow

  • This patented support pillow comes with adjustable straps and works in your office chair, car, and even on a plane. 

    Made from extra dense, premium memory foam, this multi-region back support was designed by physiotherapists to reduce lower back pain in people who sit all day long. 


  • Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support

  • Made from breathable mesh for constant airflow, this streamlined lower back support has a double buckle strap designed to keep it secure at all times. 

    With a lifetime replacement guarantee, this curved lumbar support will support your lower back, guiding it back into its natural S-curve for maximal pain relief.




  • Easy Posture (2 Pack) Dual Gel & Mesh Lumbar Back Support

  • Made of massage gel beads for pressure relief, you get twice the bang for your buck with this dual mesh lumbar back support.

    Lightweight and transportable, this ventilated mesh support works for drivers and office workers alike, supporting their lower spine and reducing lower back and neck pain. It’s great for gamers too!

  • Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair

  • This sturdy support aims to remove lower and mid-back pain by supporting your spine’s natural curve and promoting alignment. The memory foam compresses just enough to maintain yet support the shape of your spine.

    This durable pillow never flattens out and works in office chairs, cars, trucks, and wheelchairs. It is a chiropractor recommended for post-surgery recovery, and it even comes with a 60-day hassle-free return so that you can try it for free!

  • Purple Back Cushion - Pressure Reducing Grid

  • This pillow is not your average back support. Shaped like a grid and with a removable cover, this cushion is designed to bounce back whatever you throw at it. 

    Made with a temperature-neutral material and containing hundreds of air channels, this back support pillow not only contours to the curves of your spine but stays cool doing it. 

    Remember to consider your height, weight, and body type when deciding on the best back support for your office chair (or car or wheelchair), then look at these excellent choices to get started.

    Bringing it Back to Basics

    Finding the best back support for your office chair may seem daunting, but the benefits to your health are substantial and include improved posture, reduced back pain, and increased blood circulation. 

    When you have the right back support in your office chair, you’ll be able to work more comfortably and efficiently throughout the day. We hope this article will help you find the best back support for your office chair and help you getback to basics.

    Ben Schorr
    Ben Schorr

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