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Noctambule High Cylinder and Cone LED Floor Lamp

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Noctambule High Cylinder and Cone LED Floor Lamp

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 7-10 DAYS***** 

Design Konstantin Grcic, 2019
Blown crystal, die-cast aluminum
Made by Flos

Here is a sneak peek into Noctambule, a modern-day lighting fixture designed by Konstantin Grcic for FLOS.

  • Powered by LED technology
  • Dimmable lamp (controls provided in the power supply unit or power cord)
  • Cylindrical body (transparent hand-blown glass cylinder) available at a low and high height
  • Dome- and cone-shaped head options available for direct lighting

Noctambule LED dimmable floor lamp cone top with small base can be used as a pendant light or a standing lamp, depending on how and where you wish to use the fixture. With the option to add more components and units, this lamp is among the most dynamic lighting fixtures offered by FLOS. The innovative lighting system is available in a variety of artful designs and styles.


Cylinder: 20.86" h | 9.84" dia. | 9.92 lbs.

Cone: 12.99" h | 14.37" dia. | 8.81 lbs.
Small base: 15.35" dia. | 1.96" h | 13.22 lbs.