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Tu W-Pull Freestanding Pedestal

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Tu W-Pull Freestanding Pedestal



Your work area—at home or in the office—should support you in ways that feel natural, so you’re free to focus. With Tu Freestanding Pedestals, you have a filing cabinet that stands right at your side, keeping your things securely in reach.

Designed for You

The Tu Freestanding Pedestal offers storage that can be personalized, with neutral color options and drawers in three configurations. Options include two box drawers with one file drawer or two file drawers. You also have a choice of standard height, which puts the base of the file at floor level, or raised height, with a bit more room for your toes.

Spacious and Convenient

Tu Freestanding Pedestals are 20 inches deep. This gives you plenty of room for storage, while allowing you to slide the pedestal under a table. A pull that runs the full width of the drawer means you can easily access your things.

Designed to Last

Tu Freestanding Pedestals are made of 100 percent recyclable steel with a painted finish. The full-structure steel inner frame has an integral, reinforced top and base for strength.

Two Drawers, One Key

Drawers—box or file, in any combination—come with a lock for securing your items. Conveniently, the same key locks and unlocks drawers, and you have only one key to keep track of.


Box/Box/File, Standard Height: W:14.625" H:26.375" D:19.375"

Box/Box/File, Raised Height : W:14.625" H:27.25" D:19.375"

File/File, Standard Height: W:14.625" H:26.375" D:19.375"

File/File, Raised Height :W:14.625" H:27.25" D:19.375"