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Infinity Task Light

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Infinity Task Light

Designed by Humanscale Design Studio
Made by Humanscale


Humanscale's Infinity LED task light embodies performance in a sleek, timeless design. Equipped with constant torque 'Forever Hinges' for strength and stability in any position, Infinity's large-array, multi-chip LED provides long-lasting, high-quality light — casting just one single shadow. In line with the Humanscale philosophy of doing more with less, Infinity is designed from a functional perspective to create a task light that is elegant, enduring and globally appealing.

The Infinity light’s ‘Forever Hinges’ — a combination of torque inserts and springs that ensure a balanced, easy-to-move arm — allow for seamless adjustment, so the user can position the light to suit their personal ergonomic preference. Maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, cables are hidden from view and run internally throughout the length of the precision machined arm.


Single LED light source casts just one shadow

- Large-array multi-chip LED technology provides highest efficiency and quality light to achieve 1500 lux (150 foot-candle) illumination

- User control indicator lights fade after adjustment to reduce visual clutter

- Offers a variety of mounting and base options

- Nightlight feature provides an ultra-low light setting with occupancy sensor disabled

- Exterior color provided by durable film and polished natural aluminum

1500 lux (150 foot-candle) illumination
Power consumption: 9 watts
Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
3000 K (warm white) light, 90 CRI
Configurable to all spaces with an option of desktop base, clamp, wall mount, slatwall mount or floor stand


Arm 1 Length:17.5"
Arm 2 Length: 14.5"
Optional Floor Stand Height:37.5"