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Freedom Chair - Headrest - Quick Ship

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Freedom Chair - Headrest - Quick Ship

Designed by Niels Diffrient
Made by Humanscale

Height Adjustable Duron- is a durable polyurethane arm with a Technogel core for added comfort

G Graphite

Seat Cushion  
Standard Foam Seat Pan - is contoured to fit your body and reduce pressure points

Standard Hard Castersideal for low-pile carpet and hard floors

 Upholstery Options
Corde 4 Black Fabric -


* Humanscale offers many more leather and fabric options. For more questions or if you would like a sample swatch please contact CA Modern Home customer service. 1800.605.1859

 The Freedom Chair from Humanscale is so named because of the high degree of movement the chair affords the user. When you take a seat in this chair your shoulders, arms, legs and neck will not only be supported and cared for, they will be loosened up and better able to bend, stretch, and generally be comfortable. Most office chairs actually restrict your shoulder blades, and therefore your arms, back and shoulders. This chair (which has a wide back specially molded to keep your spine in good order) is specifically designed to keep the muscles in your back appropriately loose and free. Not only does this make the user more comfortable, it makes them more healthy and more efficient in terms of movement (and therefore at their work).
Another way the Freedom Chair earns its name is by making non-traditional sitting styles comfortable and supported. For instance, when you slouch (as most office workers do) in a standard office chair (which most office workers have) you're really doing damage to your spine and everything that connects to it - your muscles, your posterior, your arms and shoulders and neck. If can even cause headaches. The Freedom Chair is perfectly designed to accommodate slouching in all its degrees, and gives users the freedom to choose how they want to sit at work.



A seat depth: 16.25" - 18.5"

B seat height: 16" - 21" (standard); 15.25" - 19.5" (low); 17" - 22.25" (tall)

C seat width: 21"

D backrest height: 18" - 21" 

E chair width: 27.25"

F armrest height: 5" - 11"

G armrest length: 13" (standard); 14.25" (advanced)

H distance between armrests: 20" (standard); 11.5" - 21.5" (advanced)

I height (no headrest): 33.5" - 41.5"

J height (with headrest): 43" - 53" 

K headrest height range: 5"

L base diameter: 25"

O backrest width: 21"

Freedom Armchair Depth
Freedom Chair Dimensions