CPU600 CPU Holder

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CPU600 CPU Holder

Designed by Humanscale Design Studio

Humanscale’s range of innovative accessories, such as CPU holders, make the ergonomic workstation more functional for the user. The CPU600 lets the user securely store hardware under the desk, so it’s off the work surface and floor. Its easy installation saves the user time and money, and its clever design allows the computer to stay cool. 

With tool-free installation and a sleek silhouette, the CPU600 offers convenient access to ports and drives. Designed to allow for quick hardware upgrades and repairs, it evolves with the user’s technology for easy maintenance and use.  This flexible workspace solution fits computers that are 3.5" to 9" wide and 12" to 20" tall


Fits CPUs 3.5” to 9”
wide by 12“ to 20” high
Max CPU Weight: 50 lbs.
Installed Dimensions:
7” or CPU Width + 1.7” (whichever is
greater), CPU Height + 3.6”